Arrival Slots

Arrival Slots has the solid pedigree of the major online software gaming giant, Betsoft. As a result, this means you can look forward to a dashing good time even in the no financial commitment mode – which is also known as the fun money option that can be accessed via the Instant Play button denoted by a banner on the front page of the casino website. Sporting 5 reels and 30 paylines, this classifies as a slot of larger than average size, which means that there are plenty of possible winning combinations for the benefit of the gamer. In addition, the large size means that you can expect a large cache of free games, scatter symbols, wild icons, special bonus features and jackpots in the real money mode. Arrival Slots online is clearly an extraterrestrial theme slot; we will avoid the term alien because of the current political climate – particularly in the United States and Europe. Extraterrestrials are, presumably, also undocumented immigrants!

If you think that you have seen this template before, then you are probably recalling the older slot named Monsters vs. Aliens, which was also created by Betsoft Gaming. The animations in Arrival Slots, which is from the brilliantly-detailed 3D line of pokeys, are a lot better than even the very well rendered Monsters vs. Aliens. In fact, pay attention to the left hand side of the screen every time you land a win of any kind – the extraterrestrial titular character will point and give obeisance to the winning player when it happens. There’s another gimmick inside the game: a so-called Entertainment Meter Bar that rises every time you land a win of any kind. When it fills up, then you’re in for an extra-special prize or payout.

Wagering the Right Way in Arrival 3D Slots

By taking an accounting of the available coin denominations on this 5 reel 30 payline slot, you place yourself in the best position possible to make away with some really good stuff (potentially). If you can, listen to the vets when they say to always play the max number of paylines in any 5 reel video slot; this places you in the best position to win something. Thus, with every single one of the 30 available paylines activated, the coin range of 2 cents to 50 cents per line equals minimum and maximum values of 60 cents to a whopping 75 credits for a game as long as all of the possible 5 coins are wagered on each line. You can,, of course, vary the coin amounts to suit your gambling preferences in the real money version of Arrival Slots.

Once inside, you will find that the symbols are the key to the game – or rather, more accurately, the symbol combinations. Somewhat uncharacteristically of most games, there are a full 8 symbols in Arrival slots that still manage to pay out even when there are just two of them on the reels. The usual case is that it takes a minimum of 3 symbols to still pay out. What is still conventional is that all non-scatter symbols pay out in a single direction – the left to right reading direction.

Bonus Symbols in Arrival 3D Slots

The laser ray pistol is the games scatter, and it is the only one that cannot be replaced by the rampant wild icon. It has its own special attributes, however, including the ability to enact the game’s primary special feature: the UFO Click Me. All you need are three laser ray pistols and the game is on! That’s not it, however, as Arrival 3D Slots also has an alien brain scatter to spice things up even more. If you manage to get lucky enough to land three of these, then they will together activate the Abduction Wild Reel Feature. As a nod to the feminist, there’s a female space marine on the board; if three of a kind appears, then this uncharacteristically attractive creature will activate the final Bonus Feature in Arrival Slots.

Revisiting the alien brain, we find that it also functions in a double duty capacity as the game’s Substitute symbol. For three of them on the reels, you trigger the Abduction Wild Reel Bonus Feature, in which an unidentified flying object can change the entire center reel into an expanded wild symbol or collection of like symbols, and then deliver a host of free games as recompense. This is, of course, usually reserved for the scatter icon in most other video slots.

General Symbols

The top paying symbols are always the ones which garner the most interest, for obvious reasons. In Arrival Slots, the space pilot leads the pack as he tries to halt the alien invasion. For five of a kind, the space pilot icon grants you a 400 coin payout; for four of a kind, he is worth a 200 coin payout; for three space pilot hero icons on the reels, you win 80 coins, and for two of a kind you still get a pretty good 20 coin award. Next is the space alien symbol; for five of a kind this monstrosity gets the real money player an 300 coin payout; for four of a kind the space alien is worth 150 coins; for three of a kind it gets you 75 coins and for two of a kind, the space alien is worth 15 coins. The last of the high value symbols looks like a droid figure – or Death Star, if you’re especially imaginative. For five droid icons on the reels, the prescribed payout is 200 coins; for four of a kind, you win 100 coins, for three of a kind there’s a 40 coin reward with which to fill your pockets, and for two of a kind you get 10 coins.

The middling symbols are led by the space alien saucer at the head of the pack. For five of these on the reels, your payout is 150 coins. For four of a kind of the alien saucer symbol you win 75 coins; for three of a kind your prize is 25 coins and for two of a kind you win 5 coins. Next in line to the average throne is the meteor symbol; for five of a kind, you win 120 coins; for four of a kind of the impact meteorite symbol you get instead 50 coins, and for three of a kind your reward is 25 coins – which is a strange bump up from the previous values of the higher symbol. Arrival Slots is alien, indeed. The final middling symbol is a gold alien emblem; for five of a kind, it is worth 100 coins; for four of a kind it’s worth 40 coins and for three of a kind you get 20 coins.

The final row of lower paying symbols still mete out enough for symbol combinations to be a worthwhile acquisition. Starting things off we have the green eyed alien orb symbol; for five of them you get 75 coins; for four of a kind of the alien orb you win 30 coins, and for three of a kind the prize is 15 coins. Lastly, we have the slime green alien symbol; for five the prize is 50 coins; for four of a kind you get 20 coins, and for three of a kind you win 10 coins on the payline. Arrival Slots is one of the more intriguing slots from Betsoft; download and see your games through to the end.