At The Movies Slots

Welcome to yet another addition to the 3D slot realm with At the Movies Slots. Straight out of the minds of the software gaming geniuses over there at Betsoft Gaming, you can be certain to get more than you bargained for when it comes to fun, as well as when it comes to the opportunity for cash and prizes – the latter is, of course, only available through download of the hosting casino’s software. Once you get inside, you will be mesmerized by the sheer impact of the real-life graphics in this pokey, and the possibilities that are endemic to a slot with 5 reels and 25 paylines. In addition to the many ways there are to win here, you also get a bunch of special features in the bonus rounds, scatter symbols, wild symbols that substitute to help you complete winning paylines, and free spins courtesy of the scatters.

Wagering at the Movies

So what is At the Movies Slots all about, ultimately? It’s a visit to a classic time, when a family or lover’s outing to the movie reels was considered the height of romantic love (in the latter example, of course). The theater, once upon a time, cost you less than a candy bar to spend several hours inside watching a picture show. These days, such tickets will run you the same as a dinner for two! Speaking of money, you can wager real coins on this for a chance at the in-game prizes and cash. The coin sizes begin at 2 pennies and end at 50 cents; there are, of course, regular increments in between. You can bet up to 5 coins per line, which really gives you a range of betting options and helps you manage your expenditures. If you play every single one of the 25 active paylines, then the least you can wager is 50 cents as the smallest amount. At the other end of the spectrum, the most you can wager is $62.50 per spin per game.

These amounts are telling, once we get to the symbols rectification section of this comprehensive review. The Academy award Trophy symbol, for example, is capable of delivering a whopping 1000 coins at the highest symbol combination in the real money version of At the Movies Slots. There are images on the game board that bear a striking resemblance to uber A-list actors such as Brad Pitt and George Clooney; indeed, this potentially lucrative slot also has symbols that pay out when just two of a kind appear on the reels.

Special Symbols in At the Movies Slots

As is true of most video slots in the online space, the two most interesting symbols tend to be the scatter and the wild. The wild is also called the substitute symbol, because of its ability to replace any other symbol to help complete a winning payline. In particular, the Wild symbol in this 3D slot is the Mask, which was the titular character in that movie starring funnyman Jim Carrey over a decade ago. The Mask will replace any other symbol except for the scattered Movie Projector to help you put the finishing touches on a winning payline. Additionally, the Masks will double the payout written on the pay table for the prescribed number of icons at a time.

As for the Movie Projector Scatter symbol, it is the harbinger of free spins and free games. For two Movie Projector icons on the reels, you get 50 credits in addition to prizes. For at least three of a kind of the Movie Projector symbol you gain access to the legendary Free Spins Feature in At the Movies Slots. There’s an added benefit: depending on how many coins you wagered at the start of the bet line, your scatters are multiplied by this factor for even more impressive wins.

Once you unlock the Free Spins Feature or mode, the Movie Projector symbol attributes virtually run amok. With symbol combinations flitting across the game screen, you’ll be gifted with up to 8 free spins if you line up three Movie Projector icons; or, for four of the Movie Projector scatters, this will get you 12 free spins; lastly, for the maximum possible 5 Movie Projector icons on the reels, you win 20 free spins in total. As if this wasn’t good enough, all of the free spins bonanzas are subject to being retriggered, which means that even when you are in a free spins round, you can keep on winning more as the scatters line up. This is how the big bucks are made when playing video slots.

Regular Paying Symbols

The Academy award statue icon is the most lucrative of the regular symbols in At the Movie slots; for five of a kind it is worth 1000 coins on the paylines. For four of a kind, this statue award is good for a 500 coin payout; for three of a kind, you get 200 coins, and for two of a kind the prize is 20 coins. The popcorn symbol (what’s a movie without the popcorn!), for five of a kind, gets you 500 coins; for four of a kind, it’s worth 250 coins; for three popcorn icons you win 100 coins and for two of a kind, your reward is 10 popcorns. The Brad Pitt look alike poster symbol, for five of a kind, gets you a 200 coin payout; for four of a kind, it’s worth 100 coins; for three of a kind you get 50 coins and for two of a kind this symbol combination is worth 5 coins.

The movie theater entrance starts the next batch of paying symbols. For five of a kind of this one on the reels at the same time, the reward is 100 coins on the payline. For four of a kind of the movie theater entrance icon you win 50 coins; for three of a kind, the prize is 25 coins and for two of a kind you are awarded a pittance – 2 coins. The next symbol is the Animatronics dog symbol; for five of a kind, you get 80 coins delivered into your bank account or acceptable withdrawal method of choice. For four of a kind, your reward is 40 coins and for three of the dog icons you win 20 coins. The last of the well-paying symbols is a teeth-lined mouth that’s probably meant as a movie prop. For five of these on the reels, you win 60 coins; for four of a kind you get 30 coins and for two of a kind, your reward is 15 coins.

The last two symbols are low paying, and begin with a Star wars figurine. For five of a kind, this figurine symbol is worth 40 coins; for four of a kind, you win 20 coins and for three of a kind the prize is 10 coins. Next is a pink heart symbol which, for five of a kind promises a 20 coin payout; for four of a kind on the game board you get a 10 coin payout, and for just three pink heart symbols, you win 5 coins.