At The Copa Slots

One of the top online video slots around, this old-style Betsoft pokey manages to incorporate new-age graphics into every aspect of the game board. First of all, it’s a 5 reel, 30 pay line Progressive in the 3D slots category, which means that the graphics virtually jump out at you on your mobile screen. The distinctly Latin American template will inspire in your the desire to dance, so it may be hard to sit still as you spin the reels on the way to a hopeful fortune in the real money version of the game. Indeed, with its triple progressive jackpot and elite animations, it’s hard to imagine why you would pan this in favor of any other slot in the Casino Lobby.

After you have recovered from the initial wave of graphics - they are truly that impressive in At the Copa Slots - then you have to deal with several very special features. The Free Spins Dancing Shoe Bonus will come later, as will the Expanding Wild Feature, once we investigate the symbol payout values that are determined by the correct combinations. You will have loads of fun during the so-called “Dance Off” bonus round, so stay invested in the game as you play the night away. All of this is bolstered by a riveting musical score that makes it virtually impossible to stay rooted to your seat!

Playing for Real Money

As with most other Betsoft slots, it is possible to gain access to the gameplay in At the Copa Slots without putting any cash up; just hit the Instant Play button on the landing page of the host casino website. However, if you want to really get in the game strongly consider playing for real cash and prizes (the chance to win some, anyway, as nothing is guaranteed in gambling), then download the casino software and create an account. Fund your account with the minimum amount allowed and from an acceptable and appropriate source; then, receive the Welcome Bonus that almost always come with putting down the minimum deposit.

Like most of the newer, more expansive video slots being churned out by Betsoft and other major software games-makers, At the Copa Slots gives you the option of playing up to 5 coins per line. Obviously, this gives you much finer control of how much you want to spend, as much as how much you stand to win if the reels favor you. Accounting for all 30 reels, which is the best strategy to play in order to maximize the number of ways you have to win, the highest coin tally 150 coins for every single spin. To play more conservatively, try the lowest at just 30 coins per spin.

Pay attention to the myriad of symbols, for this is where you will win most of your moolah; as you play, enjoy the lovely Latina Salsa Dancer who is off to the side, dancing the night away as you spin the reels to a hopeful fortune. Accompanying her are the symbols on the reels, which consist of flamingos, maraca instruments, dancing shoes, trumpets, alcoholic cocktails, bongo drums and a serene scene with shimmering moonlight. The Salsa Dancer Lady is the Scatter symbol, and she brings the free spins if you’re lucky. The Substitute Wild symbol is the Chili Sauce, which is also a jackpot bonus icon. Pay attention to the Double Up feature that is right next to the autoPlay button; just in case you don’t necessarily wish to be fully engaged in the game but still want to have a shot at winning cash and prizes.

At the Copa Slots Symbols

Now, we have arrived at the oft-mentioned symbol values from earlier in this article. The lovely Latina salsa dancer icon, for five of a kind, is worth a cool 500 coins. For four salsa dancer symbols on the reels, you win 200 coins, and for three of a kind, your reward is 100 coins. In this particular slot, there are no payouts for symbols combinations that are fewer than three. The next most valuable symbol is the first suitor dancer; for five of a kind, he gets you 300 coins with a big smile. For four of a kind of the first suitor symbol, you win 150 coins. For three of a kind of suitor 1, the prize is 75 coins. For the second suitor, he is faced in the opposite direction and is patiently awaiting his turn to dance with the Latina salsa dancer lady. For five of a kind of the second suitor, the prize is also 300 coins; for four of a kind, it is 150 coins and for three of a kind, you win 75 coins again.For all you know, these guys might be twin brothers!

The center row of symbols pay out handsomely - especially if you wagered a high number of coins between the allowed 1-5. This collection of icons begins with the pink flamingo symbol; for five of a kind on the reels, this gives you a 100 coin payout; for four of a kind you win a not too shabby 50 coins, and for three pink flamingo symbols on the reels your reward is 25 coins on the paylines. Next up is the moonlit scene symbols, which is inscribed as a picture letter that you send to the people back home while you’re on vacation. For five of a kind of this one, your reward is 50 coins; for four of a kind of the moonlit scene symbol, you get 25 coins, and for three of a kind, your prize is 10 coins.

The final row of three symbols begins with the red oak piano icon; for three of a kind, you win 25 coins, and for four of a kind of the red piano icon you get a 10 coin payout, whereas for three of a kind the prize is a 5 coin payout. Finally, the last paying symbol on the board is represented by a cocktail. For five of a kind, these cocktail symbols are worth 25 coins; for four of a kind you get instead 10 coins from them, and for three of a kind the prize is 5 coins.

Bonus Features

In this final section, we’ll get more in-depth with the bonus features that are available in At the Copa slots.. First of all, there’s the Free Spins Mode, which is activated when you land at least three Scattered dance shoes on the reels at the same time. The signal to begin will be you choosing a dance mate; then, you will whirl around the game board as your mate changes into a substituting wild that delivers between 2x and 10x as a payout.

Another bonus feature involvesThe Ocean icon, which, strangely enough, functions as a substituting symbol for every round except for the bonus round - which make it weird that it is still considered a bonus symbol. The point is, however, that it has a chance to help the real money player really reap some benefits. You can sue this to just keep on piling up the automatic free spins, as well as benefit from the emergence of some multipliers. As the final bonus feature, there’s the Double Up property - this was hinted at earlier in this article. It allows you to improve your potential earnings by a factor of 2 - hence, the name. The Double Up attribute is only active during the Free Spins Round and Wild Reel Feature.