4 Seasons Slots

For those of you who are into classical music, this title is not in reference to the composer Vivaldi’s masterpiece; but to the animal kingdom of the earth - in particular, to the ones generally regarded as cute by human beings. Created by Betsoft for the online casino gaming crowd, you can find a riveting theme and endearing subject matter in this template. It is high quality visual slot, and comes to you straight from the 3D line. Sporting 5 reels and 30 paylines, it is considerably larger than average - which means that there are plenty of ways for you to win. If you are not especially interested in playing for free, then you can eschew the Instant Play banner and download the software to play for real money directly.

The betting options begin at just 2 pennies, which anyone who is of the age of eligibility to play gambling games to begin with, is capable of wagering. The max is just $1, which means that highrollers might want to pan this one - unless you have a soft spot for cute 3D animals. Speaking of these animals, there are a dozen such animal symbols in all, each with their very own payout numbers for combinations. Some of these animals include a dog, snake, chicken, horse, bull and even a dragon, for something out of the mists of time, legend and lore.

Details on the 4 Seasons Theme

You will notice that as the game progresses, 4 Seasons Slots has a template that changes with the actual seasons of earth - summer, spring, fall and winter will make an appearance for those who play long enough to see the alterations manifest themselves as vivid onscreen background cinematics. For a more detailed note on when these changes will occur, you can expect screen shifts every 30 spins of regular round play. To herald the change, a brand new set of multiplier options will attend the new screen to the player’s benefit. The pay table will keep you abreast of all the abilities of the symbols, such as one of the that brings with it a 10x multiplier.

As an extra special feature because of how rarely it occurs, the golden cat icon can land and change the entire outlook of almost any game, since it is the Substitute icon. Once it does make an appearance, it can replace any other symbol except for the scatter to help you complete a winning payline. If only golden cats appear (an even rare event), then the impressive 10,000x jackpot is yours to keep. As you might have expected, this is the biggest possible payout in the game, and it certainly is considerable.

Special Bonus Features

Out of all the ones that exist in 4 Seasons Slots, the most important may be the old style Oriental Yin and Yang icon. For three of a kind of these, you are gifted with a bunch of free spins - the exact number depends on how many of the Yin and Yang icons you land. For example, three of them leads to a gift of 8 free spins, whereas four such symbols nets you 12 free spins and the maximum possible five of a kind of the Yin and Yang icons leads to a 20 free spin bonanza.

Additionally, you would be lucky to chance upon the Block Win Combo Feature when you activate the real money version of 4 Seasons Slots. This feature is attendant with four multipliers, and the many wins that come along with it do so courtesy of the Stacked Wilds. As you play, you will find that most of the icons in this game possess the stacked feature; indeed, any wins that include both of the existing reels full of identical, non-Substitute symbols, will bring with it a multiplier feature. The breakdown concludes as such: two filled reels lead to a multiplier as specified on the pay table; three such reels full of duplicate icons leads to a triple multiplier, four filled reels gets you a quintuple multiplier and five filled reels leads to a 10x multiplier.

Regular Symbol Combinations and Their Payouts

When it comes to the symbols in 4 Seasons Slots, there’s a lot to unpack here. First, we begin with the baby tiger icon which, for five of a kind on the reels, gets the player a 50 x 5 coin payout - which is impressive. For four of a kind, you still get a solid 20 x 5 coin payout, and for three baby tiger symbols your reward is 10 x 3 coins on the paylines. For the baby green dragon or snake symbol, five of a kind gets you 50 x 5 coins; four of a kind is worth 20 x 4 coins and three of a kind reveals a payout of 10 x 3 coins.Along the same vein and completing the first row of icons, we have the baby bird, the baby pig/piglet, the baby puppy and the infant cat producing the exact same payouts for symbols combinations.

The second row of 4 Seasons Slot symbols include a baby mouse, a baby monkey, a baby poodle dog, a baby horse with what looks like a toupe or hair-piece, a baby moose and finally the special symbol in a baby ox. For five of a kind of any of these on the reels, the payout is 50 x 5 coins. For four of a kind you win 20 x 4, and for three of a kind you get 10 x 3. The only way you can get a different payout than the prescribed up above is if the symbols combos are multiplied by the so-called Seasonal Wheel, which is represented by the avatar of the baby ox (the special symbols mentioned earlier). When this happens, the ox can grant a 10x multiplier. Alternatively, the lower tier benefit is a 5x multiplier, and finally at the base level, a 2x multiplier.


If you generally like Betsoft video slots, then you’ll almost certainly add 4 Seasons Slots to your list of favorites. It truly outdoes itself when it comes to graphics, and the gameplay is right up there with the best of them. The board is fast-paced and runs crisply, with the gameplay being nonstop and fun as long as the reels are a-spinning. To play for free and experience the light and ethereal theme, simply navigate to the website and activate the Instant Play button. If you want a chance at cash and prizes, you must download the casino software and make a deposit to activate te bonuses and land you in the lobby ready to play.