Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion Slots

When it comes to delivering high profile blockbuster games, few do it better than Microgaming, and the beat goes on with their new slot game, Astro Legends.

Going Inside The Legend

Astro Legends, is a five reel game that comes with a brand new way of playing pay lines, in fact, they are called cluster pays. So what exactly is a cluster pay? For starters, abandoning, the traditional, reel system where you have to get three of a kind on the pay line, cluster pays not only gives you the option of getting three of a kind in more than one direction, but a chance to bolster your win by getting a like symbol in a cluster. This innovative feature makes it possible to score up to seven of a like icon for out of this world wins.

Speaking of out of this world, the game play takes place on a music infested, psychedelic world of the future. The main characters are Lyra, the afro wearing, guitarist and Elrion. In fact, both of these characters are immortal. Have fun making your own kind of alien harmony, as you rack up big wins and prizes.

The other icons in the game include multi colored crystals, and aces, kings, and queens, engraved in stone. Another special feature to this game, is the multiplier wild. As mentioned before, this game is all about the clusters, and a result, the multiplier wild will only land in the red cluster cells. The beauty of this multiplier wild is that it will pay out a winning multiplier between 2 to 5 times.

When it comes to bonuses, the wolf gets in on all the action. In the Lyria bonus round, the wolf takes center stage, beginning with three lives, which you will need to traverse this seven level bonus round. It is up to you to choose the path that wolf must walk on to collect gems.

There is also the sonic respin feature. This bonus round is only activated at random if you score a cluster win. In this round, the winning symbols that activated this feature are held, and the other symbols will respin. Should you win or get five more of a like cluster, the process will continue once more.

Microgaming strikes gold yet again with Astro Legend Slots, which takes funk and psychedelic to whole new heights.