Shining Hot 100 Slots

If you're unfamiliar with the Shining brand of slot games, we're sure that will change after reading this article. Pragmatic Play gets the nod for this sequel to Shining Hot 20. You can expect the same gaming intensity but a hefty 100 pay lines. Let's jump into the shining and rewarding game details.

Why Pragmatic Play Rocks

Pragmatic Play is still a relative newcomer to the online gaming developer scene. But in its short existence, Pragmatic Play has risen through the gaming ranks to produce some of the most riveting and captivating slot games you will find online. Shining Hot 100 exemplifies Pragmatic Play's commitment to visually interactive gameplay and eye-popping graphics.

Practice Lining Up the Fruit

Shining Hot 100 slots has much fruit to enjoy out of the gate, but you don't have to rush to make your bet. Instead, you can enjoy practice rounds to get into the flow of this fantastic and dynamite vintage game.

Enjoy the Classic Slot Game Experience

While today's slot games offer compelling bonus rounds and modern-day themes, Shining Hot 100 brings back the love affair for classic slot games. Fruit and jingling slot reels highlight Shining Hot 100. Pragmatic Play even puts a lot of energy and effort into designing a vintage slot game. The reels and the graphics are also patterned in the vintage mode.

Control the Shining Game Design

And when you get past the shining graphics, Shining Hot 100 provides everything you need to win big with all that fruit bounty. First, there is the auto play button where you delegate the Shining Hot 100 spins to the gaming computer. Also, you can use the manual spin mode to manage the game settings for you.

And how exactly do you plan on managing the pay lines? That's where the pay line arrow's system comes into play. And we'll be talking more about the pay line system shortly. Of course, the same applies to the coin value button system to make your bet. And when you're ready to review Shining Hot 100's icons, the paytable is a click away. Last, Shining Hot 100 has an options button where you can swiftly adjust the sound and reel speed.

What kind of game is Shining Hot 100?

Shining Hot 100 offers many ways to win, but there are no additional bonus rounds in Shining Hot 100. However, Shining Hot 100 offers many ways for you to win grandly during regular gameplay.

How Many Pay Lines are You Playing?

Shining Hot 100 delivers 100 pay lines, but how you use them is up to you. We begin with the pay line system. Sure, you can put yourself in this nostalgic game by gambling on the entire 100 pay lines, or you can play your strategy with pay lines in between. But, of course, Shining Hot 100 permits you to use a single pay line to make your wagers.

Make Your Bet Count

Shining Hot 100 makes it simple for you to make your winning bet. Players can easily make up to $2 bets.

Make Good with the Paytable

Shining Hot 100 is full of fruity icons that you'll find in a vintage slot game. The flaming diamond brings the gaming boom as the wild symbol. A single one doubles winning combinations. And if you get five of them on the pay lines, the gaming ante raises to 50 credits.

Five apples chime in with 24 credits, while orange leads to 4.60 credits. And the same is true for grapes. Shining Hot 100's cherries frequently fall and yield over two credits. And don't forget the lemon and bananas that pay the same way. And let freedom ring with the liberty bell that chimes in with 1,000 credits for five of it on the reels.

What About Shining Hot 100's Bonus Rounds?

Shining Hot 100 has no bonus rounds for you to enjoy, but that doesn't mean you can't rack up the wins during the game mode.

There Aren't Free Spins?

Shining Hot 100 again doesn't offer a free spins round. Three scatter icons typically set you up in the free spins round. But it is not the case in this game.

Shining Hot 100's RTP

Shining Hot 100 picks up Pragmatic Play's strong tradition of high RTP games. And Shining Hot 100 is no exception. So place your bets easily because Shining Hot 100 delivers a resounding 96.32% return to player.

Shining Hot 100 Has Glowing Reviews

The internet is abuzz with sterling reviews surrounding Shining Hot 100. Some of these guides, including this one, offer tips.

It's Your Turn to Win

Shining Hot 100 is available at Pragmatic Play casinos. In addition, these same casinos offer dynamite welcome and free spins bonuses.

Practice Your Shine

Again, Shining Hot 100 makes it easy to win right away. But, you can continue to play for free to gain valuable experience.

It's Time to Win for Real

The same online casinos that offer Shining Hot 100 also has many banking options to win big. Credit cards, e-wallets, and Bitcoin are the usual options.

Take the Shine on the Go

Shining Hot 100 works like a charm on Apple and Android devices. It also works on laptops.