Striking Hot 5 Slots

Pragmatic Play gets the node for Striking Hot 5, a slick five-reel game that highlights the benefits the wonders of today's gaming engines while maintaining the legacy of vintage three-reel games. But Striking Hot 5 doesn't stop there. So, before you make your next deposit, give this guide a read to learn why playing Striking Hot 5 slots today is the safest choice.

Dissecting the Virtual Fruit

Striking Hot 5 doesn't hold back regarding all the sensational and delicious fruit on the market. As the title suggests, the game's flow is about meshing all the classic slot game fruit symbols with today's leading and epic paying symbols.

Striking Hot 5 Slots comes with five pay lines for you to manage. How you do so is up to you because these interactive titles come with pay line arrows for you to manage just that. You are free to play the full five pay lines at once, or you can choose to gamble on smaller pay lines. Or, if you want to take your time getting all the lovely fruit to land on the reels, you can gamble on a single pay line with Striking Hot 5 Slots.

And how do you propose you're going to make that bet? Striking Hot 5 steps up the pace with twin coin buttons where you can quickly place your desired bet. Striking Hot 5 gives you plenty of ways to make that winning bet, beginning with nickels. But you can quickly ramp up those fascinating bets to whole dollar amounts.

Meet the Striking Hot 5 Paytable

Striking Hot 5 ramps up the winning goodness with a small but compelling mix of gaming symbols to get you to the finishing line. Remember all those delicious and fruity details we were talking about? Well, they pay immediate dividends with the red seven that pays up to 1,000 credits for five on the pay line.

We continue to grow with the apple that pays a handsome 104 credits when you get five of them on the reels. And what can a classic slot game be like without the orange? Striking Hot 5 sums up the delicious oranges, which shell out 104 credits. And when it comes to the grapes, the cherries, and the lemons, you will receive 44 credits for five of these fruit on the reels. And don't forget about the watermelon slice that also delivers 44 credits for five on the reels.

Striking Hot 5 doesn't have an official wild symbol, but it still gives you plenty of chances for you to come out slots end up.

Other Striking Hot 5 Features

Striking Hot 5 rounds up the gaming table without any official bonus rounds. But don't let the lack of bonus rounds stop you from further racking up the wins. With a return to player ranking at 96.29%, Striking Hot 5 continues to give you plenty of winning chances.