Wild Hop & Drop Slots

Not every day you get to enjoy a riveting frog-themed title, but that's where Wild Hop Drop Slots enters the equation. With this vivid and interactive six-reel game, you can guide the frog down the winning path for unique cluster wins.

So, before you jump into your favorite Pragmatic Play Casino and make your deposit, take a moment to read this guide. When you understand the mechanics of Wild Hop and Drop, the wins keep on mounting.

Getting to Know Wild Hop

Wild Hop and Drop is a marvelous six-reel game with a cluster series of pay lines. Wild Hop and Drop's gameplay occurs in the middle of a tropical pond with your favorite frog hopping around. This game is very interactive, with a slew of gaming symbols.

And to help you get the most out of these cluster wins, you are free to use the pay line arrow system. You can gamble on the full Wild Hop pay line system or wager on a single pay line. The power and the choice are yours.

And when you finish matching the pay lines, the next step is to declare how much you want to gamble on the pay lines. Again, Wild Hop and Drop sets the stage for exciting betting, which is why you can quickly make bets from as small as a nickel to full dollar amounts. The gaming power and choice are yours.

And when you have the bet set up, the next move is to determine whether or not to play Wild Hop and Drop through autoplay mode or through manual mode. Again, you can set the tone for the entire game or go back and forth between each spin.

Hop around the Paytable

Wild Hop and Drop continue moving along the fantastic game front with a unique bounty of paying symbols. We begin with the happy-go-lucky frog that bounces around the reels to the winning tune of 10,000 credits if you manage to get 36 of him on the reels.

You can earn 400 credits for getting 26 of it on the pay lines for the regular frog. The purple and the blue frogs reward you with 200 to 120 credits when you also get 26 of them on the reels. The colorful high-value playing numbers, aces, kings, queens, and jacks are also winning icons for you.

Playing the Bonus Rounds

Wild Hop and Drop continue hopping around the screen through the engaging free spins round. With this, when you get four of the bonus symbols. When this happens, you will start with six free spins with a progressive jackpot and the chance to earn additional free spins.