Shining Hot 5 Slots

Shining Hot 5 continues the extraordinary slot game series by Pragmatic Play. If you're a fan of vintage slot games, Shining Hot 5 delivers the good and a lot more. Let's break down the wonders and inside tidbits surrounding Shining Hot 5.

Getting to Know Shining Hot 5

Shining Hot 5 is a unique five-reel game with five pay lines. Shining Hot 5 follows a similar theme as the rest of the Shining Hot series of games. The game's theme follows the regular pattern of vintage slot games. Shining Hot combines the proud legacy of retro slot games with today's modern game fanfare.

Shining Hot 5's action takes place over an animated backdrop with animated flames moving about. And to help you manage the five pay lines, Shining Hot 5 affords you the luxury of managing the pay lines to meet your demands. Thanks to the pay line arrow system, you can quickly play high or low through the pay lines.

When you have that settled, quickly determine what you will do about making your cash bet. Shining Hot 5 gives you plenty of cash bets to get the job done. You can quickly bet as small as a nickel in this game, growing to high-dollar amounts.

So, how are you going to play Shining Hot 5? You have the choice to play through autoplay or manual mode. And for good measure, Shining Hot 5's options button permits you to tweak the other gaming settings to customize your gaming environment.

Shining Hot 5 Delivers A Unique Paytable

Shining Hot 5's wild symbol is the flaming diamond. Imagine the power of this jewel landing on the reels because when it does, it doubles winning combinations. But if you get five of the flaming diamond's on the reels, it translates to 1,000 credits.

And to help complete this fruity adventure, Shining Hot 5 has the apple. And if you get five of these classic icon, Shining Hot 5 delivers 480 credits. The orange also provides sweet rewards with 92 credits, along with grapes.

The cherries frequently land in Shining Hot 5, and it delivers 44 credits. Shining Hot 5 follows this up with the lemons and bananas that also pay you 44 credits for five of the lemons and bananas on the reels. Shining Hot 5 doesn't have any bonus rounds. But if you get five of the bells and the wild diamond, you will win 1,000 credits.