Hail Caesar Slots

When it comes to the Roman empire, many slot games are available to help you relive the power and splendor of Hail Caesar Slots. Rival Gaming gets the nod behind this animated jewel. So, what can you expect with Hail Caesar? You can expect to know all this and more by reading this guide.

Breaking Down Hail Caesar

Hail Caesar is a five-reel game with 25 pay lines. The gameplay for this vintage Roman game takes place outside the fabled Roman Coliseum. And to help you immerse yourself in this authentic gaming experience, Hail Caesar has a triumphant soundtrack to get you into the fold of this title.

Rival provides all the essential game features to help you manage and navigate the game. You have a sophisticated pay line system to manage these conquering 25 pay lines. Of course, you can try to impress this fabled emperor by gambling on the entire 25 pay lines, but you can navigate on lesser pay lines to meet your gaming needs. Finally, Hail Caesar allows you to gamble on a single pay line.

And when you're ready to declare your cash bet, Hail Caesar has this for you with the fantastic cash value system. Hail Caesar accepts a broad stratum of bets from a nickel to high dollar values. So, how are you going to manage your empire? Next, Hail Caesar allows you to play autoplay or manual mode. You can seamlessly go through both modes. Last, Hail Caesar permits you to adjust the game settings through the options button.

Conquering Hail Caesar's Paytable

It doesn't come as any surprise that Caesar is the game's wild symbol. Here, Caesar doubles winning combinations. And the more of Caesar that land, the greater the winning combination, even a five-times winning multiplier.

The fabled Roman temple leads to 500 credits when you get five of them on the reels. And the statue chimes in with 400 credits. Hail Caesar comprises many Romanesque symbols throughout the game. The battle axes impact wins with 400 credits, while the empress shells out 300 credits. You can expect the chalice, the reef, the vase, and the chariot to help your winning endeavors.

Experience the Hail Caesar Bonus Rounds

Hail Caesar's free spins round starts when three of the phoenix statute align on the reels. In this case, you will begin with ten free spins. But the more of the scatter phoenix that falls on the reels, the greater the number of free spins. So, for example, five lead to 20 free spins.

And don't forget about the coins. Two of the coins set you up in Hail Caesar's bonus round. With this, you will get an additional re-spin with the chance of launching the Ides of March Pick Bonus.