Back in Time Slots

And a traipsing we will go through the vicissitudes of time - back to a place long ago, when things were simpler but not, as a general rule, easier. This crisply drawn video slot is a bit unconventional for a Reel Series variant, given that it only has three columns instead of the usual five. Despite this, it is most certainly not classified as a Classic Slot, because there are too many different ways to win and the graphics are, frankly, too good. The free to play version is available, which allows you to use fun money to simulate the maximum excitement that you would get from real money play - the latter of which is only available via download of the casino software. Once done, you will gain access to the casino lobby after you receive your Welcome Bonus. Imagine what it would be like to win loads of House cash while not spending your own money! Now you know why real money play is such a huge draw - but always remember that the choice to spend or not to spend is yours alone to make.

If you are interested in playing for real money - or, at least a shot at cash and prizes, then be sure to download the casino software and wager between 2 pennies and $1, spread out over a maximum of 5 coins in this game. According to the casino experts, it is always better to play all the playlines and vary the coin amounts instead; this way, you keep full access to all the possible winning combinations without spending more than you are willing. Thus, there’s a total of 40 coins that can be wagered at the betting line; the jackpot value is set at a max of 250 coins. Thus, how much you win is mostly dependent on both luck, and how much risk you were willing to undertake as displayed by your coin wager.

A Little Dinosaur Slots for the Ages

This 3 reel Slot is all about dinosaurs, from the Land Before Time (if you are old enough to have been a kid to see this when it was still out as a series). As a prehistoric slot, it has that extra layer of intrigue overlaying it; to the benefit of the gamer. The 8 paylines makes it land decisively out of the Classic Slots realm and squarely into the video slots arena along with the other, more conventional 5 reel pokeys. For those of you who have frequented the expansive Betsoft library, you may have noticed some very similar options like Tic Tac Toe Slots and The Flintstones Slots. It is even more colorful than these fun to play games, and promises to draw you in visually.

Back in Time Slots is available to play without download on your Windows operated desktop, as well as your apple Mac computer and computers driven by the Linux operating system. Perhaps strangely, Back in Time Slots is not yet available for mobile download - but that is certain to change rather quickly as time wears on, given the sheer plenitude of mobile devices on the market today, and growing. Although you can visit the website on your phone or tablet, you cannot activate the real money version of the game since this requires download. You can, however, play for free and indulge yourself with frivolous fun money for a time until you desire paying (potentially) entertainment.

Delving Into the Back in Time Slots Template/Theme

The theme background is one in which an ancient sandy beach front takes center stage, and on it can be seen dinosaur eggs and sun-drenched backgrounds. Palm trees are some of the first trees that made it out of the ground on our blue ball, and they make an appearance in this slot, scattered about the beaches. Although there were no human beings to engage in construction back then, this quirky slot still puts engineered logs and palm trees as the components of the symbols and the special icons. Some of these symbols are dino eggs, Dinomite characters, red numeral sevens, stones from the stone age and before, and tangled ropes. In one of the small subsections to come, we will learn the symbol values for combinations of each of these symbols.

Attendant with these symbols are a wealth of special features that have the ability to rocket your winnings to new heights. For example, Back in Time Slots has a Hold the Reels special feature that allows multiple re-spins even during a current winning round. As this happens, you get to hold a single symbol constant while spinning away - the chosen symbols is all up to you. This turns something that is, at its base level, a game of chance, into one where skill starts to matter a little bit!

There’s a bonus in Back in Time Slots, and it can be activated by landing triple rocks; as you use up the free spins you might have won courtesy of the scatter symbols in the previous round, this bonus can land on the board at random. The winning combination is three rows of prehistoric stones lining up. Despite all of these goodies and more inside of the game, there are no free spins to be had in Back in Time Slots. Thus, the primary ability of the scatter icon in most games is lost. There is a Wild symbol, however, and thus you can look forward to multiple symbols combinations being replaced for the winning payline to manifest itself. In fact, there’s no Bonus Game, either, which means that you get to focus on the regular game and rack up any wins coming your way. If you play all 40 possible coins at once per spin, then you are eligible (at least, in principle) to win the 10,000 coin jackpot that may be lurking at the conclusion of any round. The multipliers are tailor-made to help you in this endeavor, as the Betsoft Gaming programmers made sure to put it inside.

Finally, the last feature that will tickle your fancy in Back in Time Slots is the stone throwing contest. As you toss stones at the preexisting positions on the game board, you can activate winning combos that pay out handsomely. As you can see, Back in Time Slots is a solid game throughout; in the fun money version, it will awaken your sense of nostalgia. In the real money version, well, you’ve got a shot at loads of cash!