Icy Gems Slots

Microgaming is back on the scene with yet another upcoming slot game, Icy Gems Slots, a game so cool that is has to be played to be experienced.

The Inside Details On Icy Gems Slots

This visually slick games comes in five reels along with 20 pay lines dedicated to this cool, icy themed slot. In the center of all of this are precious gems. The official wild symbol is the icy gem wild. When this symbol lands, it will replace all the other symbols except for the scatter symbol, and when it does land, it will double winning combinations. The more of these that land, will also grow the winning multiplier.

And when it comes to the scatter symbol, well actually, there is no scatter symbol. But what players do have in this game, re spins, super spins and symbol storage. When it comes to re spins, that depends on the symbol storage. Simply put, when you land a winning symbol on more than one line, that symbol gets added to the symbol storage. When you reach 3 symbols, you will be awarded a super spin. When playing super spins, where only the three symbols that started the super spin are present. The super spin comes in three stages, with the last one being the big win stage where you are guaranteed to win.

Should there be an empty position in the symbol storage, you will play a re spin. The re spin round will end once you land on a non winning line.

The other symbols in the game are diamonds, purple, red and green gems to go along with the playing card numbers, aces, kings, queens, and jacks. Regular game play is based on getting three of a kind of a symbol. If you are ready to experience this icy slot game, then a penny is all it takes to get things going. Feel free to place bets on your own, or through auto play mode so you can take in all the sites and wonders of this beautiful gem, featured game. There are pay line buttons where you can easily adjust your precise bet. There is an info button where you can easily review the game icons and their respective winning amounts. Not to be overlooked is a menu button where you can adjust game the settings.