Gems of Serengeti Slots

When you hear the call of the wild, you plan for a virtual safari only Pragmatic Play brings. Gems of Serengeti is a visual five-reel interactive model where the monster power of the wild takes root. So, let's break down Pragmatic Play's roaring hit, Gems of Serengeti Slots.

Discover the Virtual Savannah

Gems of Serengeti is a visually-slick five-reel title with 20 pay lines. However, the theme of Gems of Serengeti is straightforward. You are placed right onto the game field where mother's natures' most majestic and famous animals roam. And in the meanwhile, you are given a glimpse of some African tribes paying nicely on the reels.

You're the guide and the ringleader, so you have the power to manage the pay lines and other vital game functions to your liking. For example, you can control your gaming fate by wagering on the entire twenty pay lines at once. Or you can choose to slowly trek your way through the glorious terrain by wagering on lesser pay lines or even a single pay line.

And once you finish the pay line system, the next move with Gems of Serengeti is to determine how much you wish to bet. Pragmatic Play understands that there is a long list of gamblers with different skills, so you can swiftly maneuver and place bets based on your skill level and comfort level.

And with all of this glorious and virtual terrain ahead of you, the next move is to figure out the auto or manual play feature. You can go back and forth between each spin or use the auto play feature to set them in a sequence.

There's Power in the Serengeti Pay Table

Gems of Serengeti doesn't hold back regarding the thrilling and rewarding game symbols ready to unfold and head your way. The tribal face mask is the game's wild symbol. Yes, this ancient artifact doubles winning combinations and replaces the other game symbols except for the bonus and scatter icons. And if you get five of the mask on the pay line, prepare to get $100.

And five African tribesman delivers 75 credits for five on the pay line. Next to him, you have the female warrior that leads you to the promised land with 60 credits for five on the reels. Finally, the king of the gaming jungle, the lion, roars to victory with 40 credits.

Also, the cheetah doesn't dare change its stripes by paying you 30 credits for five on the pay line. The bald eagle stands for more than freedom by shelling out 20 credits when it takes full flight.

Gems of Serengeti keeps the playing pool small so that you can maximize your winning power. You can find the high-value playing card numbers ace through jack. You can expect to gain fifteen to ten credits depending on which card you get.

There Are plenty of Gems in the Bonus Round

Gems of Serengeti delivers in the bonus round play. For example, you can expect the dynamite and fantastic system where the reels are re-spun for your winning pleasure. It takes getting five of the blue gems to launch the re-spin feature.

The other symbols fade away while the reels are spun with the blue bonus icons locked onto the reels. If you land additional gems, you are granted more re-spins. Also, the more gems that stay on the reels, the larger the winning multiplier.

And when it comes to the free spins, Gems of Serengeti doesn't disappoint. For example, if you get three of the scatter icons to fall onto the reels, the gaming inspiration begins with ten free spins.

After that, you have the option of accumulating further gems. Collect at least five of the gems, and you are given a free re-spin when you finish the free spins round. Also, the number of gems that fall during the free spins round bolsters the winning multiplier.