Caishen's Cash Slots

Pragmatic Play hits the ball out of the park when it comes to Caishen's Cash, an engaging, new slot game. Pragmatic Play through the usage of sharp design and graphics, once again shows the power of Oriental themed games in the ever changing world of online casinos.

Getting The Demo

A trademark of most Pragmatic Play games is that you can play some practice rounds to get the feel of the game before wagering real money. All of the features of the main game are there for the taking, except the ability to cash out with the cashier.

It's All In The Theme

It's worth saying again that Pragmatic Play specializes in well conceived and well designed games. This is especially true when it comes to the overall game design and the reels, adorned in Oriental themed designs. All of the game icons resemble the normal Oriental theme as well including the mighty Caishen himself, the God of prosperity. This game also features four different jackpots.


Across five reels, there are 243 pay lines based on the splendor and the wonder of the Chinese God of prosperity, which translates into many exciting bonus rounds and other big winning combinations.

No Ordinary Slot Game

Caishen's Cash slots is a behemoth of a 243 pay lines, full of majesty and the chance for members to make their own fortune. Once again, there are four fixed jackpots waiting to be won. The four jackpots bring a 25 times, a 50 times, a 100 times and a 1,000 times winning multiplier. There is also a jackpot bonus game. There is even a special mini jackpot that comes with a 35 times winning multiplier.

It is important to note that there is no progressive jackpot in this game. But with the four other jackpots, there should be no problem to help you recoup your losses and to keep winning.

It's All In The Pay Lines

Did we mention that there are 243 pay lines? Bet on one, or bet on all of them on each and every spin. There are bet arrows that will aid you in lining up the precise number of pay lines you want to bet on, on each and every spin. The max bet per spin is $190.

Make Your Option

You can adjust the coin size for every spin as well. This is possible due to the usage of the coin buttons.

Don't Forget About The Pay Table

All of the game icons and their values are but a click away through the pay table button. After clicking this, you will find info on these icons and how much they bring to the table. You can even find the game rules and other interesting tidbits in the pay table section.

One Heck Of A Bonus Round

Keep your eye on the money. And I'm saying this literally. When six or more of these land on the reels, you will begin the bonus round where you get to start off with six re spins. During the 6 re spins, with the reels only containing, blue, green and golden icons. The symbols that launched the re spins feature, will be locked in place until the end of the bonus round. And every time you earn a symbol with three coins, you will earn an addition re spin. The green coin is especially worth while in the re spins, not only will it award the amounts of the green icons, but it will also award the total amount of the gold ones as well.

You're Going To Like The Free Spins

Caishen's Cash Slots is serious about their free spins. So serious are they, that you will receive 8 free spins right off the jump. And while playing the free spins round, only the premium symbols and the wild will land on the reels. This and this alone is more than capable of delivering explosive wins. And if you land a wild, then add onto the accumulated values of the other winning symbols on top of the value of the wild. It seems that the only thing wrong with the wild is that it can not re triggered while playing in the free spins round.

The Return To Player

It goes without saying that no body likes to lose, but losing does come with the territory when playing slot games. However, Pragmatic Play helps its players out by having a Return To Player be on your side. In fact, the official return to player is 96.5%. That's right, you heard correctly. So the more you wager, the more you stand to gain back for playing Caishen's Cash slots. Now you know why Caishen is considering the God of prosperity in Oriental folklore.

And The Rating Is…

There is no official rating that comes along with Caishen's Slots. The game play doesn't feature any violence, nor mature content. It is what it is when it comes to Caishen's Slots. Good clean fun for those who are of legal age.

Big Time Winners

Again, there is a good reason that Caishen is the God of prosperity in the Oriental mythos. But that good luck continues for all that continue to play it. There are many ways for members to win and to win big. Remember in addition to the free spins round, there is the money re spins round.

Playing For The Heck Of It

Before wagering real money, you are more than welcome to play to get the feel of the game. Playing demo rounds tends to be a staple of most Pragmatic Play games, and at the online casino you are playing at. In the demo mode, you get all the full features of the game, including the free spins and the money re spins round. You can tweak the game settings like the reel speed and music settings just like normal. The only thing missing from the free play, is the ability to actually earn money.

So You Want To Play For Real

If you are ready to play for real money, that is easily handled as well. The minimum bet per spin is a penny. You can of course adjust the coin size through the use of pay buttons. The coin sizes range from a mere penny, a nickel, a dime, twenty cents and fifty cents. Of course, if you wager the max 243 pay lines, the maximum bet per spin is $190. You can adjust the number of pay lines for each spin through the usage of pay lines, so you can get it exactly right.

Playing On The Go

Caishen's Cash Slots is a true state of the art slot game. It is fully designed and optimized for maximum and seamless play on both desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. All the features and bonuses from the desktop version carries over to the mobile platform. There is no need to create a new account, simply login on the mobile platform and let the good times roll. Depending on where you play Caishen's Cash slots, you might be able to download the official casino app, on your tablet or smart phone, for easier access.