Arctic Enchantress Slots

Microgaming gets the node this time for the spectacular and mesmerizing Arctic Enchantress. Arctic Enchantress leaves you spellbound with its raw graphical beauty and interactive gameplay. But, of course, the silver-haired Enchantress herself steals the show. Welcome to Microgaming's latest wonder, Arctic Enchantress.

Microgaming Keeps Rising Through The Ranks

Yes. Microgaming continues to soar among the established gaming engines like Real-Time Gaming and Wager Gaming Software. When you talk to many online casino experts and avid fans, Microgaming is a burgeoning gaming engine, and for a good reason. Microgaming continues to bring in the gaming prowess with elite bonus round and fluid gameplay, the kind that you encounter when playing Arctic Enchantress.

Practice Among This Friendly Cold

The Arctic doesn't have to be a cold and miserable experience, far from it. Arctic Enchantress remakes this frigid environment into something and warm and beautiful. Arctic Enchantress leaves many things on the table, but there is no rush to flood the reels with real wagers. Arctic Enchantress is as enjoyable through practice rounds as it is with real bets. All of the features are available in Arctic Enchantress, but you can't win real wagers.

A New Appreciation For Snow

Arctic Enchantress opens up the gaming scene by having the action occur across the majestic backdrop of winter snow. However, instead of playing across a frigid environment, Arctic Enchantress warms things up game-wise with you having a remarkable and winning experience through a snow-crest sky with a gorgeous palace in the back. Again, Microgaming takes the gaming experience to new heights by making the fantasy genre cool once more. Microgaming also spends extra attention to detail with the lucrative and satisfying game fonts and reels.

The Game Design Is Quite Warming

While the Arctic Enchantress atmosphere is a beautiful chill, the game mechanics are warm and winning. Arctic Enchantress comes with 243 pay lines, and you have the pay line arrows to use them as you see fit. Arctic Enchantress follows this up with coin value buttons, along with a sterling autoplay feature. Arctic Enchantress gives you a choice to meet your gaming fate with the ice queen manually or through the autoplay feature.

Enjoy Enchanting Ways To Win

Arctic Enchantress delivers a resounding and winning experience during the regular game mode, but you can easily win and win big through the bonus rounds. Arctic Enchantress offers jackpot symbols, colossal wilds, and hefty bonus rounds.

The Pay Lines Are Ready For You

Arctic Enchantress doesn't leave anything to chance. The full power and weight of the snow-covered 243 pay lines are yours to use and command. You can try to win over her magical heart by wagering on the entire 243 pay lines, or you can try something more simple and innocent by strategically placing your wagers on lesser pay lines.

The Bet Is Ready For You

Arctic Enchantress follows up the prolific pay line system with an equally adept coin button system. The goal is to make sure you have the tools and the power to handle your business playing Arctic Enchantress. Arctic Enchantress honors bets from a penny to high dollar values.

You'll Warm Up To The Pay Table

Arctic Enchantress means business with the fantastic paytable. So far, we've been building her up, but now it's time to let loose the Arctic Enchantress herself as the wild symbol. True to form, this beautiful ice queen doubles winning combinations, and she serves as a colossal wild on certain reels for larger-than-life winning power and combinations.

Arctic Enchantress welcomes you with the fantastic polar bear, the snow owl, the majestic castle, the frosted pine cone, and the high-value playing card numbers that are festively decorated to honor and celebrate the ambiance. And please don't forget about the wolf and the rose. Arctic Enchantress adds to the winning punch in a variety of directions. You don't have just to line up an alike trio from left to right, but you can do this in either order and diagonally.

There's Plenty Of Bonus Power

Arctic Enchantress rears up the bounty with the bonus round play. We begin with the outstanding and rewarding win booster that leads to an additional 50% of winning power. However, Arctic Enchantress has one more trick up its sleeve when it comes to the colossal wild. Not only does this gorgeous phenom impact winning combinations, but she also nudges onto nearby reels for that extra winning touch.

Arctic Enchantress boasts the link and win feature. The link and win round holds the reels while carefully crafted re-spins are executed. Players must have anywhere between six to 14 ice orbs to get this round to go off. The grand jackpot materializes in your win column if you manage to pull off fifteen ice orbs.

The Free Spins Are Warm To The Touch

Arctic Enchantress saves the best bonus round for last, the free spins. The free spins round commences with a trio of the scatter symbol, which leads up to 20 free spins for your winning pleasure.

Embrace The Return To Player

Another reason why Microgaming ascends the gaming ladder is due to the phenomenal return to player that exceeds 95%. Don't worry. The losses don't stay cold for long with this exceptional return to player.

Arctic Enchantress Is Already A Run Away Hit

While Arctic Enchantress isn't fully christened throughout online casinos, the hype and the rave reviews make it an instant hit among members.

Win In The Virtual Snow

Arctic Enchantress immediately benefits from the online casino's tremendous promotions package. It might be wise to peruse the promotion section to see what you can find here.

Having Fun With The Ice Queen

Arctic Enchantress offers wins beyond belief, but there is no rush to place a real bet. However, please remember that it might help to play practice rounds.

There's Real Money For This Queen

Arctic Enchantress warms up the gaming fire with plenty of banking options to win over this graceful and magical ice queen.

Play Arctic Enchantress On The Mobile Device

Arctic Enchantress works beautifully on smart devices and laptops for your gaming pleasure.